Whether your a restaurateur, manufacturer or a supplier. We have a program for you. 


Program A

Earn 5% of all repairs (pre-tax) for the 365 days/ 1 year. 

Program B

If you refer a customer for a maintenance contract and it is paid in full upfront, you earn 8% of the upfront payment. while earning 5% from program A.

Program C

If you would like to receive credit for your restaurant of a service fee.


Referral program payment terms:

  • A check can be made at either the end of the month or end of the year. The referrer will pick what option they choose on the form. 
  • Checks will only be paid once the customer has paid for the service. 
  • Referrer must fill out referral program form on this page and scan and email to DennisA@TSRNYC.com. All forms will be reviewed and responded to through email within 48hrs. 
  • Referrer can only collect on restaurants that are on the referral program form. 
  • Referrer can only recommend business that have never used Times Square Refrigeration for their HVAC and Refrigeration needs. 

Download the Referral form now.