We service the NYC Metro area (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens) 

Unorthodox mechanic practices that save you money. We send out a mechanic and a helper.

How does it save you money? 

Other companies normally send out one mechanic only. For example, if a compressor needs to be replaced, a helper can pick up the compressor while the mechanic is removing the compressor. speeding up the process. 

While, most companies charge you while the mechanic looks for parking. This can take hours or what normally happens . is that the mechanic has to leave every 55 minutes to add a hour to the meter to avoid a ticket. That walk to the muni-meter can generally take 10-15 minutes. If a job takes longer than 4+ hours, guess what? You've been billed for a 5 hour job. And if the mechanical company is willing to get a ticket, guess who's passing on the cost of doing business to your invoice?

Sometimes, to do the right job, it requires two people. 

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